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Although you found us on the internet, that doesn’t mean we treat you like an item ordered on-line. Proficient Real Estate Company has a staff of highly trained experienced people dedicated to making your transaction flow smoothly and close on time. We encourage you to call our office and speak to a professional that will give you direct answers to your questions. You will soon realize why Proficient Real Estate Company continues to enjoy customers that return to us for all their mortgage related needs.

  • Direct Honest Answers to Your Mortgage Questions
    Through years of placing loans, a deep understanding of ever changing lender guidelines, we will ensure that the information we provide you is accurate and honest. We analyze each aspect of your transaction to point out any potential problems.
  • Seasoned Professionals of Our Industry
    Consumers would be shocked to know how many people working in the mortgage industry have not been doing it very long. Each member of our staff has a minimum of 5 years in the mortgage industry.
  • Up to Date Knowledge of Lender Guidelines
    Never have the rules of providing a mortgage changed so drastically and so quickly as what we see today. We constantly monitor each lender for changes to their loan programs as well as changes at the Government level through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Established Complaint Free Lender
    Since the inception of Athens Mortgage Company, there has never been a complaint filed against us by a consumer for any representation or aspect of the loan process.

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