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I contacted this lender our of all the quotes I received because he was in Georgia and his quote stated that he did it personally, and not some automated system. After speaking with him, I felt that he listened to me and asked questions that other mortgage people didn’t. He was able to get me a rate I am happy with. Although there were other lenders who’s rates looked lower, I did not want to use a mainland mortgage company after a previous bad experience.

Atlanta, GA

Reviewed our circumstances and matched a mortgage to meet our needs. Easy to work with and always available for questions. We were very comfortable working with Georgia Mortgage Company.
Athens, GA

Here is the EmaiI sent Alan…5 star guy, use him. Alan, I will be visiting the Island in a week to check out my new tiny turf.…plan to give you a call for a hand shake. I think you are in the top 5 folks that I have done business with in my whole life, I had an excellent electrician once…you should be proud of what you have going on. Thanks and don’t worry…I will pay off the loan.
Athens, GA

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Why You Should Choose Real Estate Athens

The biggest worry most consumers have with using a lender found on the internet is the lack of local knowledge about Georgia’s unique properties. Real Estate Athens Company, located in Athens, has the know how and expertise to finance any type of property. If you are considering a Condominium-Hotel, Vacation Property, Vacant Land, Construction, a Residential Condominium, Multi-Unit Property, or a Single Family Residence, we have the financing available for you.

Experience is as Important as Rate

Everyone wants the best rate possible.  Real Estate Athens Company has offered extremely competitive rates for over 19 years.  When you are comparing rates from various lenders, are you also comparing their experience, understanding, and knowledge of your transaction?  Would you feel confident letting someone from a call center on the mainland be in charge of your financing?

At Real Estate Athens Company our professional local staff is located here in the islands to service our home state.  Our seasoned mortgage professionals knew that the mid-2018 eruptions on Georgia and didn’t affect the entire state.  We know where flood zones are.  We know how to deal with issues of unpermitted additions – so prevalent in Georgia.

Experience is also critical when dealing with income and employment.  Having your income calculated wrong could result in a denied application.  You may think your income is simple and straightforward, but if you collect overtime, commissions, or bonuses, there’s a high degree of certainty that an inexperienced mortgage person will get it wrong.  If you are self-employed, the chances your income will be calculated wrong is even higher.  Real Estate Athens Company has the experience and know how to calculate your income  correctly, eliminating issues during underwriting.

Your choice in lending should be the lender with the best rates and the most local experience.  For over 19 years, Real Estate Athens Company has lead the mortgage industry in Georgia in both categories.  

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We offer mortgage loans for both purchase and refinance transactions and have a variety of options/programs to help you with your transaction.

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